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Build your entry-level SAN on the right foundation

As the volume and value of your business data increase, a rapid-to-deploy, highly efficient, and easily managed SAN is a must-have. The Brocade 300 Switch offers SAN connectivity that simplifies network infrastructure, boosts system performance, maximizes virtual server deployments — and reduces storage costs.

Scale up, pay as you grow: Smart hardware and software features make the Brocade 300 Switch easy to integrate into a wide range of IT environments. With ports on demand, your organization can expand without hassles—paying for extra capacity only when you need it.

Build at the core or the edge: Build the storage network you need. The Brocade 300 Switch is the right choice whether you’re provisioning an entry-level SAN or adding an edge switch to a core-to-edge SAN environment.

Simplify management with the right tools: With super-simple setup and comprehensive fabric management for multi-switch environments, the Brocade 300 Switch makes network management far easier. The bottom line? You spend less time and money on routine tasks and use your expensive IT resources far more efficiently.

Performance and Capabilities

Lifecycle Active

Bandwidth 192

Bandwidth UOM Gb/s

Total Line Rate Ports 8 to 24 @ 8 Gb/s

Power Text 0.30 watts / Gb/s, fixed power supply

Frame Based ISL Trunking 64 Gb/s frame-based trunk (optional)

Access Gateway Supports

FICON Support Not available

Size (mm) 428.8(W) x 42.9(H) x 306.6(D)

Certified Maximum Single Brocade FOS fabric: 56 domains, 19 hops Single Brocade M-EOS fabric*: 31 domains, 3 hopsLarger fabrics certified as required; consult Brocade or OEM SAN design documents for configuration details

Provides powerful, integrated monitoring, management, and diagnostic tools to simplify administration, increase operational stability, and reduce costs.

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