Extreme Networks SLX 9240

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Extreme Networks SLX 9240

Next-Generation Programmable Leaf Switch

As data centers and cloud service providers embrace new highperformance servers and distributed applications, they increasingly need dense 100/40 GbE switches for leaf-and-spine topologies. Traditionally, infrastructure has been slow to evolve, and it can be a barrier to innovation. With flexibility at all layers of the data center stack, IT teams can drive agility. The ExtremeSwitching SLX 9240 Switch is designed to help organizations stay ahead of this application- and data-driven network transformation without compromising performance.

Performance and Capabilities

Delivers agility at all layers of the data center stack

Provides high-density 100 GbE spine-leaf connectivity in a 1U fixed form factor

Includes a programmable ASIC to accelerate adoption of new protocols and technologies

Utilizes the Extreme SLX Insight Architecture and Extreme SLX Visibility Services for flexible, real-time monitoring of virtualized, dynamic workloads to streamline troubleshooting

Provides payload timestamping to more accurately set and measure performance SLAs

Incorporates turnkey and customizable cross-domain workflow automation for the entire network lifecycle through Extreme Workflow Composer and network automation suites

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