Extreme Networks SLX 9540

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Extreme Networks SLX 9540

Fixed Switch with Flexible Edge Connectivity

With cloud services, 4K HD video streaming, Internet of Things (IoT), and mobile connectivity for billions of devices becoming standard, organizations must modernize the way they communicate and conduct business. In addition to consuming an enormous amount of network capacity, these services increase operational complexity just as organizations are striving to meet customer demands for greater business agility and performance.

To succeed in the digital era, organizations need network platforms that allow them to simplify and speed up operations, without increasing costs. Such platforms incorporate innovative software to analyze and automate network operations, thereby reducing OpEx, and provide flexible deployment options with forwarding performance and scale to dramatically reduce CapEx.

Performance and Capabilities

Enables flexible edge connectivity by cost-effectively delivering density, features, and performance optimized for data center interconnect, WAN edge, IXP, and colocation data center deployments

Includes multiple configurations of dense 10 GbE and 100 GbE ports for diverse deployment options

Delivers up to 720 Mpps forwarding capacity and up to 800 Gbps switch fabric capacity with an industry-leading

6 GB of tunable, ultra-deep packet buffers in a 1U form factor

Provides carrier-class forwarding, including full IPv4/v6 switching, MPLS, VPLS, VLL, and BGP-EVPN VXLAN overlay capabilities on a single platform

Supports customizable, real-time monitoring via the Extreme SLX Insight Architecture for improved troubleshooting with reduced MTTR, optimized use of off-device Big Data analytics and monitoring platforms, and intelligent automation

Incorporates turnkey and customizable cross-domain workflow automation for the entire network lifecycle through Extreme Workflow Composer and network automation suites

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