Hitachi vantara VSP G400

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Hitachi vantara VSP G400

SVOS offers system management and advanced storage system functions

SVOS offers system management and advanced storage system functions, including storage virtualization, thin provisioning, storage service-level controls and performance instrumentation across multiple storage platforms.

SVOS includes Hitachi Storage Advisor, Hitachi Device Manager, Hitachi Dynamic Provisioning, Hitachi Universal Volume Manager, Hitachi Virtual Partition Manager, Hitachi Resource Partition Manager, Hitachi Dynamic Link Manager Advanced, Hitachi Data Retention Utility, performance monitor feature, volume shredder feature, Virtual LUN software, LUN manager, VLVI (CVS), Hitachi Server Priority Manager, Hitachi Volume Retention, cache residency manager feature, Hitachi Storage Navigator, RAIDCOM, Java API, CCI (Command Control Interface), SMI-S provider and SNMP agent.

Performance and Capabilities

600,000 IOPS, 11GB/s, 2.8PB,128GB,4U,100% Data Availability

Inline Compression

Adaptive Data Reduction

Unified SAN / NAS Support

2,000 IPSec VPN tunnels/tunnel interfaces

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